Current Lease Information

The Townsite of Redwood Meadows resides on the Tsuut’ina Nation. The Nation in 1977 entered into an agreement to develop and build a community surrounding their golf course. They obtained approval through a “Head-Lease” with INAC(Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) a department of  the Federal Canadian Government. The Nation through their developmental branch Sarcee Developments, brought forth a “Sub-Lease” for  residents of  the proposed development named Redwood Meadows. The head-lease and sub-lease are  due to expire in 2049. Since the spring of 2017, Townsite Council and administration has been working with Tsuut’ina Nation on lease discussions, with a set target date of the fall of 2019 for a Head lease renewal or extension.

Please see below for a copy of the current Head-Lease and Sub-Lease. 

Head lease

FAQs for Lease v. 12 July 9 2019

Lease-Mtg-Apr 2019

Lease Vote Information

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