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The Townsite of Redwood Meadows resides on the Tsuu’tina Nation. The nation in 1977 entered into an agreement to develop and build a community surrounding their golf course. They obtained approval through a “Head Lease” with INAC(Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) a department of  the Federal Canadian Government. The Nation through their developmental branch Sarcee Developments, brought forth a “Sub-Lease” for community members or residents  of  the proposed development named Redwood Meadows. The lease and sub-lease are for 99 years and are due to expire in 2049. Currently however, as of the spring of 2017, Townsite Council and administration are working with Tsuu’tina Nation on lease negotiations, with a set target date of the fall of 2019 for a lease renewal or extension.

Please see below for a copy of the current Lease and Sub-Lease. 

head lease

Lease-Mtg-Feb 2019

Lease letter and Title

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