Sustainable Redwood

Sustainable Redwood (formerly known as the Redwood Meadows Sustainability Committee) is an official branch of  Redwood Meadows Town Council.  The committee is made up of a group of local volunteers whose purpose is to partner with council and community members in:

        • Supporting sustainability discussion and decision-making as part of ongoing and future Redwood Meadows community development.
  • Pursuing and planning for Redwood Meadows to acquire “Green Neighbourhood” certification from the International Audubon Society.
  • Providing creative hands-on support in decision-making.
  • Offering education and tools.
  • Researching a wide range of sustainability opportunities for the community.
  • Promoting local trade and commerce.
  • Building awareness through community events, seminars, workshops, fundraisers.
  • Researching and implementing a sustainable waste management program.
  • Promoting wildlife awareness through the BearSmart program.

Sustainable Redwood has taken action on a number of initiatives, including:

  • receiving the Audobon International Environmental Stewardship Award for Redwood Meadows.
  •  Community Bulk Buy Program for Redwood and Bragg Creek residents.
  • organizing special events, such as Earth Day, Earth Hour, Community Weed Pull, Native Plant Workshop & Sale, etc.
  • installation of the Butterfly Garden at Redwood House entrance.
  • recreational trail development from Redwood into Bragg Creek
  • community garden/greenhouse research and project planning
  •  promotion of carpooling/carshare opportunities
  • writing funding proposals for our more large-scale initiatives
  • waste management subcommittee to investigate options for recycling and composting in the community.
  • Partnering with the Redwood Meadows Golf Course and Townsite to groom winter cross-country ski trails.

The RMSC is looking for community members to be advocates for sustainability in our backyard and on a global level. Our vision encompasses a broad range of commitments that include lessening our ecological footprint as individuals and as a community, enhancing social connections and finding ways to live happily and healthfully within the community.

Do you have the skills?  Do you have the passion?  Is there a project or a cause that is dear to your heart? If so, we strongly encourage you to join us in taking an active role in shaping this community.

Please contact  Ann Sullivan (