Redwood Meadows is a fantastic community to live in!


Geography:  Redwood Meadows sits on a truly gorgeous stretch of land.  It’s nestled right in the Foothills, that mark the end of the Great Plains and the start of the Rockies.  The Elbow River flows beside the community, which adds to Redwood Meadows’s natural beauty.  The town is committed to preserving this natural beauty through extensive development restrictions there are no fences between properties, so if scenic landscapes are important to you, then Redwood Meadows is a great place to be.


Climate:  Redwood Meadows’s climate is about what you’d expect for a city at the juncture of the Plains and the Rockies.  Summers are temperate to hot (it can get to 35 degrees Celsius) autumn is temperate, winters are cold with snow, and spring is volatile — it can snow one day and be 25 and sunny the next.  


The air is very dry (if you are coming from a coastal city you’ll notice a need for more moisturizer, water, etc.)  and there is plenty of sunshine, though in the summers the sunshine is frequently interrupted by brief thunderstorms.

Housing / amenities:  Housing is on average similar than to other centers geographically in proximity.


The “natural” amenities in Redwood Meadows are top notch.  Great hiking trails, ski hills , bike trails etc. all either around town or an easy drive away.  In general,  nearly everyone in Redwood Meadows regularly does at least one of the following activities: (i) hiking, (ii) running, (iii) mountain biking, (iv) skiing, (v)  road cycling, or (vi) yoga. 





There are also regular activities that take place at the community  center called  Redwood House. Weekly activities include workout classes, taekwondo, yoga, bridge club, community café  and many more!