An Overview

  • Speed limit is 30 km/h through the entire Townsite.
  • Vehicles are restricted to paved roadways.
  • Operation of off-road vehicles is prohibited within Townsite boundaries.
  • Parking of vehicles is restricted to driveways.
  • Recreational vehicles must be parked adjacent to or behind the residence and are limited to two vehicles per residence.
  • Boulevards are a utility right-of-way and are public property (approximately 12 feet to all paved roads). Residents are required to maintain the right-of-way in front of their property. No development (trees, storage, etc.) or parking of vehicles is permitted on boulevards.
  • Garbage must be in CLOSED GARBAGE CONTAINERS and placed at the roadside for pick-up on Monday mornings by 7:00am. Limit per household is three containers per week. Please see Waste Management Bylaw for more information.
  • NO OPEN FIRES of any kind outside of approved fire/BBQ pits are permitted. If a fire ban is declared, the ban includes all fire pits.
  • Bird feeders are only permitted during winter months November to March.
  • ALL DOGS must be licensed annually and be kept under control at all times. Animals must be kept out of all park areas and are not allowed to disturb neighbors. “Poop and Scoop” rules are in effect in all areas.
  • The golf course is OFF LIMITS during golf season except for paying customers. Wintertime use is permitted with the exclusion of the tees and greens.
  • Any residential development requires Townsite approval (structural modifications, decks, roofing, painting, sheds, play structures, dog cat runs, fire pits, etc.). Building permits are available at Townsite Office.
  • Signs are only permitted on Townsite Bulletin Boards and residential property provided they meet Townsite By-law requirements. Temporary signs require a permit, which can be obtained at Townsite office free of charge.
  • Residential lots are not permitted to appear untidy or unpleasant to the eye or to be used to store any substance or material emitting unpleasant odor.
  • Removal of trees in excess of six inches in diameter is only permitted with Townsite approval.
  • DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere inside the Townsite boundaries.
  • Residents shall refrain from causing excessive noise as per Noise Control Bylaw.
  • Pumping ground water or run-off water from property into Sanitary Sewage System is strictly prohibited.




Tsuut’ina Land Use and Development Regulations

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