Living with Cougars


About Cougars

  • Cougars are efficient predators that feed largely on deer. The rest of their diet consists of elk, moose, bighorn sheep and small mammals.
  • A healthy cougar population is an indication of a thriving local ecosystem. In years when deer, elk and moose numbers are high, the number of cougars will be high.
  • Cougars are active at all times of the day. If they enter open habitats and areas near humans, they typically do so when it is dark.
  • It is very rare for people to hear the sounds cougars make. Cougars normally vocalize only when they are mating, feeling threatened or communicating with their kittens.
  • Sightings have been on the rise in the last decade due to a greater number of people living and recreating in traditional cougar habitat and a healthy population of prey animals that has lead to growth in the cougar population.
  • Sustainable Resource Development’s Fish and Wildlife Division never re-locates cougars as a means of controlling deer numbers in different areas of Alberta.