UPDATE: 2:30pm June 22

Residents are asked to stay away from Redwood Meadows until notified otherwise from the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Office.  You will be notified on this website, via the Updater email list, Redwood Meadows Facebook Page and Twitter @Redwood Meadows.  Please look to these official sites ONLY for accurate information.

We understand that residents are concerned and curious about the state of their homes and the community but returning puts strain on our resources – residents are walking the berm and now RMES has been deployed to remove people preventing them for more urgently required duties.

Residents can be assured that once the risk is over, you will be notified and volunteers will be galvanized to assist you if required.

When you are notified that it is safe to return, please follow the following safety precautions:

  • Stay away from the river, it is an extreme hazard.  The river continues to actively erode the berm and every effort is being made to reinforce it but it is highly unstable and poses an extreme hazard.
  • Upon arriving at your home, watch for electrical hazards.  If the water level is higher than your lowest electrical outlet, DO NOT ENTER THE WATER.  In this scenario, trained personnel will be required to shut off your power.  Contact your energy provider.
  •  If you are using generators or portable pumps that are powered by gas, ensure that they are OUTSIDE the building and that exhaust is venting away from building openings.
  • Once inside your home, check pilot lights on gas appliances to ensure that they are lit as flooding may have extinguished them allowing gas to collect in your home  (furnace, gas stove, hot water tank, dryer, etc).  If in doubt call your gas provider.
  •  If you find evidence of flooding in your home, contact your insurance company to find out what to do next. 

Townsite staff does not have information on individual residences, so please refrain from calling unless it is urgent.

Please stay tuned for more updates.



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