Dog Licences


Exerpt From Municipal By-Law No. 98-2

All Dog-owners:

 1)  Shall obtain an annual licence from the Townsite Office within 30 days of:

                                    a)  their dog reaching 3 months of age

                                    b)  moving into the Townsite with a dog

                                    c)  upon becoming the owner of a dog


Annual fees for dog licences are January 1st  of each year(fees  for each subsquent year will be added to January utility bills):

                                    Neutered male or spayed female                               $20.00

                                    Non-neutered male or non-spayed female                $30.00

Replacment Tag $5

2)    Shall ensure that their dog is not running at large and is under control within the Townsite boundaries (River excluded) when off the premises of the owner.

3)    Shall not permit dog to become a public nuisance by:

(i)            bites, attempts to bite or chases people; or

(ii)           it bites or chases livestock or other animals; or

(iii)          it causes any harm or damage to any other dog or animal; or

(iv)         it acts in a threatening manner to any other animal or person.

4)  Shall not allow their dog to enter the Golf Course at any time.