Community Curbside Garbage Pick Up

Weekly curb side garbage pick up is every Tuesday.  Please have animal-proof bins out by 7:00am to ensure pick-up and limit to two bins per week maximum.  Garbage bins set out the night before are subject to a fine under the Waste Management Bylaw 2010-02.

Prohibited waste:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Biomedical waste;
  • Commercial, trade or industrial waste;
  • Dead animals;
  • Construction, renovation or demolition waste;
  • Gas/propane liquids or any other liquid based petroleum product;
  • Rocks;
  • Automobile waste including automobile parts, tires and batteries;
  • Engine oil;
  • Oil filters;
  • Building materials and furniture;
  • Sod;
  • Waste that is unsafe for the collector to access or handle; or
  • Waste that could cause environmental impairment.

For details, please refer to the Waste Management Bylaw 2010-02

At this time the transfer site in Bragg Creek is not open to Redwood meadows residents.