Local Resources


http://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/app68/organics– organic growers listing from the Government of Alberta.  This list has additional producers who may not be certified organic but operate as such.

 www.eatwild.com Many of the following producers are listed on this website.  All use humane, low-stress techniques with their animals.  Please check with the individual farmers for the specifics on purchasing (harvest dates, selection, quantity, pricing).  Ordering in advance helps producers plan their business, too; please consider their needs as it helps us all.

 Meat and Poultry, in alphabetical order

Buffalo Horn Ranch, Eagle Hill (Olds) raises grass-fed bison.  Forage available year round, with supplemental alfalfa and grains.  Peter and Judy Haase 403-556-2567 www.buffalohornranch.ca E-mail: peter@buffalohornranch.ca  Available at Grassroots Northlands Farmers’ Market, Bearspaw Farmers’ Market, Cochrane Farmers’ Market;  delivery available.  Pre-orders welcome.

EAT Food for Life, Clandonald (northern AB).  Certified organic.  Grass-fed Red Angus beef, pastured & soy-free turkeys and chickens.  “Meats Market” CSA.  Tim & Maighread Axe, 780-853-6046, www.eatfoodforlife.ca; e-mail: Orders@EATFoodforLife.ca

Elliott Ranches, Strathmore.  Provides naturally-raised Black Angus beef (grass-fed, finished on barley, hay, oats), Boer meat goats, lamb.(403) 669-4577 or (403) 901-1120  www.elliottranch.ca

Hoven Farms provides certified organic beef.  The cattle are raised on pasture year-round with supplementary feed in the winter. Cattle have forage available year round, with supplemental grains.  Grass-finished available. The animals are available in all sizes from whole carcasses to individual cuts. Tim & Lori Hoven, RR 3, Eckville AB T0M 0X0 (800) 311-2333/(403) 746-3072. tim@hovenfarms.com and www.hovenfarms.com

IFE, Icelandics for Ewe farms Icelandic sheep, a very lean meat with phenomenal flavor. One of the biggest differences in this breed is that there is NO smell in the meat, even in the older sheep (mutton).  All animals are fed on non-chemical pasture grasses with the winter months on alfalfa hay, along with small amounts of timothy and other grasses mixed.  No grain. The lambs reach market weight early on only mother’s milk and the pasture.  Naturally weaned.  Also, Dexter beef cattle.  At this time, IFE only sells live animals off the farm, however they can make arrangements to have the animals sent to an abattoir. IFE, Icelandics for Ewe, Debb Peters, Box 1316, Valleyview, AB.  T0H 3N0.  (780) 524-4427. debbsfam@telusplanet.net

Koenig Farm. Dallas and Michelle Koenig and their seven sons are operating a pastured farm 45-minutes north of St. Albert. They currently have eggs, broiler chickens, pork, beef.  All animals by pre-order only and due by March 30, except for egg supply.  Dallas Koenig, General Delivery, Clyde AB  T0G 0P0.  (780) 348-5872.  sevenbro@xplornet.com

LJ Ranches. Lindsay and Joy Eklund.  LJ Natural Beef is naturally dry aged for 21 days; government inspected; custom cut and wrapped to your specifications; delivered to your door free of charge. Phone: 403-932-7777 or 403-861-4697.  ljranch@xplornet.com

MacPherson Meats, Medicine Hat.  Organic beef, poultry, whole grains, flours.  Scott & Rachel MacPherson and four children.  403.952.1122  info@macphersonmeats.ca 

McPherson Family Ranch, Longview.  Traditional range-raised Angus-cross beef.  Grass-finished and barley-finished meats.  Butchering, cutting, wrapping by Foothills Custom Meat Processors in High River. Spring pre-orders recommended.  Scott and Staci McPherson and two children.  us4mcs@yahoo.ca; Scott @ 403-603-8723 or Staci @ 403-652-9732.

Medicine River Luings (‘Lings’) raises top quality grass-fed beef as nature intended using holistic land management. The Luing cattle breed was developed in Scotland to produce high quality, well-marbled grass-fed beef. The beef is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and feeds containing animal by-products. The cattle are moved to fresh, quality grass daily throughout the grazing season and in winter are fed a supplementary ration of hay or silage, no grain. To ensure the beef is adequately marbled, cattle are only harvested in September/October.  Naturally-raised pork also available.  Advance orders necessary.  Iain or Rowena Aitken, Blacketlees Farm, R.R.4, Rimbey AB T0C 2J0.  403-843-0094;  E-mail: ieaitken@hotmail.com Website: http://www.luingcattle.com

Muriel Creek Cattle Co. Ardmore.  Natural Angus beef.  A combination of grass-finishing, genetics, and dry-aging serves to create a tasteful and healthy eating experience. Our natural beef is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals, and we do not use feed containing animal by-products. The beef graze throughout the summer and fall and are given supplementary, home-grown hay during the winter months; no grains. Natural and man-made shelters are accessible to the animals during inclement weather. Beef cattle are not confined to pens.  Free-range chicken and turkeys available.  Pre-order required on all animals.  Greg and Tina Sawchuk and six children.  PO Box 321, Ardmore AB  T0A 0B0.  780-812-2561; E-mail: mail@murielcreekcattle.ca

Nature’s Way Farm is a holistic-managed, ecological, certified organic grass-based farm. Galloway beef, katahdin/dorper lamb (beef & lamb is grass-finished), pasture pork with grain feed.  Growing alfalfa seed and hay.  Humane animal husbandry practices include spring/summer calving and lambing on grass, low-stress handling, and natural weaning.  Peter and Mary Lundgard with their four children.  Box 1258, Grimshaw AB T0H 1W0. 780-338-2934; E-mail: plundgard@telus.net.

Peace Country Produce raises Organic 100% Grass-fed Galloway beef in the most natural sustainable method possible. (http://www.pacscertifiedorganic.ca/)  Producing from forage only is known to increase natural CLA fats which are beneficial to human health.  Cattle are provided organically approved mineral at all times, bale grazing during the winter and snow for their winter water source (see pictures on our web site).  Calving starts in late spring with calves staying with their mums through their first winter and weaning onto green pasture in early spring; finishing is between 18-28 months of age. Our beef are processed in a local Certified Organic processing plant and dry aged for nutrient-dense meat.  Healthy Land = Healthy Plants and Animals = Healthy People  *Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Soames Smith, Box 415Rycroft, Alberta CA  T0H 3A0.  780-765-2171;
E-mail: peacecountryproduce@yahoo.ca.  Website: www.peacecountryproduce.com.

Pine Terra Farm is one of few “virgin” certified organic farms.  Certified organic cattle roam freely in lush pastures. All their feed is 100-percent certified organic. This is an OCIA-inspected farm with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-product feed.  Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides have never been applied to the land. The cattle are grass-fed.  Available at Community Natural Foods, or special order.  Louise or Nadine.  Box 353, Onoway AB  T0E 1V0;   780-967-3012. E-mail: pineterrafarm@xplorenet.com


Prairie Coulee Farm Vulcan. free-range pork, lamb (Dorper, Katahdin), goat, beef.  Call for availability, or confirm your pre-order by February 28.  Joan Sunderhauf, 403.485.2602;

Email: PrairieCouleeFarm@yahoo.com

Premium Organic Farm Indus.  Grass-fed beef.  Butchers – Pure Country Meats, Strathmore.  Certified organic with OPAM.  Customers and guests welcome at the farm.  Sheila & Paul Schneider.  www.premiumorganicfarms.ca 403-203-3695;  E-mail:schndersa@hotmail.com

Sun to Earth Castor.  Grass-fed Dexter beef, lamb, chickens.  Farm gate sales or call to arrange delivery.  Pre-orders by February 28.  Richard Griebel and Kathleen Charpentier, 403.882.3935; E-mail grebe6@telus.net

Ruzicka Sunrise Farm Killam.  Certified organic Angus/Galloway cross cattle, chickens, laying hens, turkeys and natural pork, all on pasture.   Sunrisefarm.ca (780) 385-2474

Sunworks Farm Armena. – Chicken, turkey, duck, goose, lamb, beef, pork, bison.  Offers pastured poultry from chickens that forage on organically-certified pasture. There are no chemical additives, animal by-products or hormones in the feed.  Chickens are fed certified organic grains (roasted soy meal, corn, wheat, rye and alfalfa) which Sunworks mixes on site.  In the summer they are outside on fresh grass.  Animals raised holistically, treated homeopathically.  Available at Calgary Farmers’ Market and Blush Lane Organic Market.  *Pre-order seasonal turkeys.  Box 55, Armena AB  T0B 0G0.  Toll free (877) 393-3133 or 672-9799. E-mail: sunworks@telusplanet.net

Trail’s End Grassfed Beef  Nanton. – Naturally raised grass-fed and grass-finished young cattle.  No grain in the diet. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the land.  Meat is dry-aged for three weeks. Cutting and wrapping can be done to your specifications by our small local artisan butcher.  Family ranch in the Porcupine Hills.  Linda Loree (403) 646-3257 lindaloree@hotmail.com  Rachel Herbert (403) 646-2550 rherbert@ucalgary.ca

Other Local Producers


Broek Pork Acres Free range pork. No antibiotics or growth hormones. Sold at Second to None Meats.  www.broekporkacres.com

 Canadian Celtic Cattle Company  Free-range Galloway beef.  No antibiotics or growth hormones.  Available at Second to None Meats and in restaurants.  www.canadianceltic.com


Grazin’ Acres  Certified organic ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and eggs, and naturally raised lamb.  Calgary Farmers’ Market (Currie Barracks).


Brome Lake Ducks  Established in 1912 on the western shore of the lake, the farm is the oldest duck-breeding farm in Canada.  Available at Second to None Meats.


Maple Hill Farms, Abbotsford, BC Free range chicken, fed a vegetarian diet.  No antibiotics or growth hormones.  Fresh and frozen at Second to None Meats.  mhfarms@telus.net


Old Country Sausage, Raymond, AB  Klaus and Mary Lee Schurmann.  No premixed meat spices; therefore no added nitrites preservatives or MSG in meats.  Nitrate-free bacon.  Some sausages made from free-range meats.  Available at Calgary Farmers’ Market, Blush Lane, and custom orders.  www.oldcountrysausages.com

Second to None Meats butcher shops, Calgary  Bowness NW, Misson SW, MacLeod Trail South.  SECOND TO NONE MEATS has nitrate-free bacon, double-smoked STNM bacon and nitrate-free/regular bone-in and boneless hams. www.stnm.ca

Winter’s Turkeys, Dalemead, AB  Both free-range and certified organic turkeys.  Free-range birds are fed commercially-grown grains, usually wheat and soy beans. Their total diet is 65% whole wheat. The bird’s early diet is a commercial complete feed with some whole wheat and the final feed is 90% whole wheat and 10% soy-based supplement. There are no antibiotics or meat by-products in the feed.  Certified organic birds are fed organic wheat, soy meal, canola meal, flax meal and a vitamin/mineral supplement. Their initial feed starts with 50% rolled wheat and finishes with 90% whole wheat. Both flocks have access to certified organic hay, an alfalfa brome mix. The organic flock is also fed fresh organic chard greens cut from the garden when they are available.  Sold seasonally at Community Natural Foods, or contact the farm.  www.wintersturkeys.ca


Valta Bison  Pasture-raised on grasses and grain-finished on oats (which not all the bison will eat).  Available at Calgary Farmers’ Market.  www.valtabison.com


Spragg’s Meat Shop  Free-range pork, with free run in a 10-acre alfalfa pasture, and fed barley and fava beans from crops which are sprayed once in the spring. No antibiotics or growth hormones. At Calgary Farmer’s Market or www.spraggsmeatshop.com


Wapiti Ways  Free-range elk naturally raised on pasture grasses, hay and oats, with no antibiotics, preservatives or non-organic additives in either the animals or meat products.  All cuts of meat and meat pies available.  Calgary Farmers’ Market or www.wapitiways.com.




Good choices – choose a bakery which uses local grains and traditional slow-rising methods.

Better choices – a bakery which uses local, organic (naturally-grown) grains, yeast-free or unleavened.

Best choices – a bakery which uses local sprouted grain flour; or mill and bake your own!  *We’re searching for a Canadian sprouted grain supplier, though fresh milled is most ideal.


A Ladybug Belgian Pastry, Calgary  Certified organic for a lot of their breads/pastries. Sourdough 100% kamut bread. 100% buckwheat crepes.  Available at the Calgary Farmer’s Market (Currie Barracks) or their restaurant at Aspen Stone Landing (85th St & Aspen Stone Blvd SW). 


Bernie’s Bavarian Bakery, Cochrane  Organic sourdough, spelt, and other breads.  At health food stores in Calgary.  136 Railway Street West, Cochrane, AB T4C 2B5  Phone: 403-932-9066


Earth’s Oven, Marda Loop  Organic, gluten-free bakery.  www.earthsoven.com


Lakeview Bakery, Calgary  Freshly baked wheat-free, yeast-free, sugar-free and low carb and gluten-free baked goods, often organic.


Prairie Mills Bakery, Calgary  Freshly milled 100% organic prairie grains, mixed with natural ingredients like seeds, grains or fruits and a touch of honey. No preservatives or oils.  Available at health food stores and spud.ca. www.prairiemillbread.com


Rustic Sourdough Bakery, Calgary  Handmade locally. All breads feature authentic sourdough. All have some amount of wheat in them (except the 100% rye). The rye used is organic; other ingredients are conventional.  www.rusticsourdoughbakery.ca


Dairies – cheese, milk, related foods


One may purchase organic, raw milk cheddar, emmenthal, gouda, gruyere and parmesan from various vendors around town, including: health food stores, Blush Lane, Janice Beaton, Sylvan Star Farms, Superstore and other conventional grocery stores.  If a dairy product specifies “milk ingredients” it likely has skim milk powder in it (for thickening).  Yoghurt can be successfully made with only two ingredients: non-homogenized whole milk and live bacterial culture.  If it is too runny, drain it with cheese cloth and use the whey for many traditional health-promoting recipes.


Good choices – local dairies with grass-fed animals

Better choices – local dairies with grass-fed animals and organic practices

Best choices – unpasteurized (raw) milk from grass-fed animals raised in humane environment


Avalon, Vancouver, BCMilk, butter. The organic cows graze on grasslands for a minimum of 16 hours a day.  They receive minimal grain (mostly barley, plus peas, corn and flax) and hay and eat a lot of vegetables.  The water they drink is filtered 3 times before they drink it, twice to remove debris and once to clear any chemicals.  Pasteurized.


Janice Beaton Fine Cheeses1017 – 16 Ave SW Calgary.   www.jbfinecheese.com


L’Ancetre,Quebec – cheese and butter.  Milk comes from about 15-20 Québec organic dairy farms.  Each farm chooses the particular feed for their cows, but uses pasture grazing in the summer.  Raw and pasteurized cheeses.  http://www.fromagerieancetre.com/en/visiter.htm


Liberte, Quebec – Buys milk from the Federation des Producteurs de Lait du Québec (info@quebecvrai.org); There is no contact with the farmers directly and no information on cow’s conditions.   The milk is certified organic.   Product line includes kefir.


Olympic All the dairy cows are antibiotic-and hormone-free. During the winter, they get grain (organic flax, corn and barley) and in the summer time it is a mixture of grass and grain. They have free access to both indoor and outdoor accommodations throughout the year.  

Saugeen Country Markdale, Ontario – Cows are fed and milked in a large, timberframe bank barn.  Feed consists primarily of fresh grass and rolled grains in the summer; alfalfa hay, silage and rolled grains in the winter. They get a mineral supplement and salt to meet their nutritional needs.  Summer months spent on pasture, coming in only for milking.  Winter mostly in the barn, but still go outside for fresh air and exercise.  The pasteurized yogurt contains two ingredients: non-homogenized whole milk and bacterial culture. www.saugeencountrydairy.com


Sylvan Star Farms  Sylvan Lake.  Eggs – free range, non-certified organic, fed flax, multi-grain and alfalfa (no soy).  Dairy – cultured or regular butter, organic raw milk gouda. The cows are kept indoors, but eat hay and alfalfa, and grass in the summer.  No grains in feed.


Vital Green Farms, Nobleford.  Non-homogenized organic cow milk, heavy cream, yoghurt (non-homogenized whole milk and culture *May or may not contain milk ingredients), crème fraiche, butter and buttermilk. The cows are pastured from May to October and fed hay and organic barley the rest of the year.


Wild Thing OrganicsChristina Lake, BC raw milk dairy herd shares, cow (Jersey, A2 beta casein) and goat (Saanan).  Also raw cheese and yoghurt. Weekly delivery to Calgary.  Kurtis and Karen Staven, www.wildthingorganics.com




Raw honey is unfiltered, straight from the hive.

Unpasteurized is heated to less than 100F and then filtered through cheesecloth.

Commercial honey may combine the honey from many hives, local and international, and may include corn syrup filler which does not have to be labeled as such.

Other bee products include bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.


Beehive, Kensington area, 311 10th Str NWunpasteurized honey from their own hives, candles, body care.


Chinook Honey Company, Okotoks Honey, honey products, medicinal products, candles, body care, mead.  Art & Cherie Andrewswww.chinookhoney.com


Golden Lane Honey – unpasteurized, at Amaranth Whole Foods Market.


Golden AcresThree Hills – organic, raw, unpasteurized, as well as other products



Stuart Apiaries, Claresholm – foothills wildflower honey.  Bruce Stewart, 403.682.9847 


Local Health Food & Supplement Stores


Amaranth Whole Foods Market     7 Arbour Lake Drive NW     www.amaranthfoods.com


Community Natural Foods            www.communitynaturalfoods.com

1304 – 10th Ave SW, Downtown

202 61st Ave SW, Chinook


Planet Organic Market       www.planetorganic.ca 

4625 Varsity Dr NW

10233 Elbow Drive SW  


Sunnyside Market – #10, 338 – 10th Street NW  www.sunnysidemarket.ca


Blush Lane Organic Market17th Ave and 85th St SW  www.blushlane.com


The Vitamin Cupboard Calgary Farmers’ Market www.vitamincupboard.com

Specializing in whole food organic supplements.


Vitamins First – Marda Loop, www.vitaminsfirst.ca


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms,Carstairs.  www.members.shaw.ca/bluemtnbio-dynamics

(403) 337-3321, Email – BlueMtnBio-Dynamics@shaw.ca


Eagle Creek Farms, Bowden. www.eaglecreekfarms.ca – flowers, u-pick vegetables, garlic, sun maze, corn maze.  Produce distributed through Innisfail Growers stands in Alberta (*NOT a CSA pick-up location).  Calgary drop-off location is Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre, Wednesday evenings.


New Oxley Ranche, Claresholm – offering a pastured poultry CSA.

Jackie Chalmers, 403.625.5270  jackie_chalmers@hotmail.com


Organic Vegetable Farm Box CSA – *to Canmore (from Blue Mountain & Hotchkiss)

Herbs & vegetables.  Contact: Chrystel Vultier, farm box coordinator. chrystel.vultier@gmail.com

Oxyoke Farms, Linden. www.oxyokefarms.com Vegetables, pastured chicken eggs, pork, lamb, chickens.  Calgary drop-off location is Knox United Church, downtown on Saturday mornings.

Thompson Small Farm, Carbon.www.thompsonsmallfarm.ca – This is a 20-acre biodynamic farm with yaks and water buffalos that produces vegetables and chicken and duck eggs for CSA share members. Full shares are $400, with half shares also available. Egg shares are $36.  Contact Jonathan Wright at wrightjdigby@live.com for more information.

Grocery Home Delivery


www.spud.ca           www.freshorganics.ca          www.organicsdelivered.com


Additional Local Products

Grainworks Inc. – certified organic grains, pulses, flours, cereals available at the health food stores.  www.grainworks.com

Gull Valley Greenhouse – pesticide-free tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and beans. Available at Sunnyside Market, Calgary Co-op and Calgary Farmer’s Market.  Email: sjnsons@telus.net

Highwood Crossing – certified organic oils, seeds, grains and flours.  Available in many stores.


Hotchkiss Herbs & Produce Ltdcertified organic, heirloom, greenhouse vegetables              Box 1 Site 22 R.R. 5, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2G6  www.hotchkissproduce.com

Lund’s Organic Farm certified organic; Gert and Betty Lund have built up incredible, nutrient-dense soil and grow a variety of vegetables, with emphasis on cold weather crops such as carrots, chard, beans, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and several potato varieties.  Most summers here are too short and cold for heat loving crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn. www.lundsorgnic.com. Will be at new Kingsland Farmer’s Market in June.

New Oxley Garlic, Naturally! – Claresholm.  Naturally grown garlic supplying local restaurants and pharmacies, retail sales.  Jackie Chalmers, 403.625.5270

Poplar Bluff Farm Strathmore.  Organic heirloom beets, carrots and 10 varieties of potatoes, certified organic since 1998.  Available at Community Natural Foods and Planet Organic stores.


Rancho Vignola (*California) – direct wholesale sales of organic, or non-sprayed nuts, dried fruit and baking supplies, twice a year. The main sale is in September, and the second one in March. You need to set up an account and order a minimum of $500. The website is: www.ranchovignola.com.

 Farmers’ Markets – Calgary & Area

Log onto www.albertamarkets.com for specific details of these Southern Alberta markets.


Bearspaw Farmers’ Market



Calgary Farmers’ Market (Currie Barracks, until Nov 2010) www.calgaryfarmersmarket.ca



Cochrane Farmers’ Market



Crossroads Farmers’ Market  www.crossroadsmarket.ca



Grassroots Northlands Farmers’ Market



Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’ Market  http://farmersmarket.hillhurstsunnyside.org

WED eve


Kingsland Farmers’ Market, on Facebook.

7711 Macleod Trail SW (in the old Shaganappi GM dealership)



Mackenzie Towne Farmers’ Market (SE Calgary)



Millarville Farmers’ Market (*at the Race track)



Smaller centres also hosting local markets:  Airdrie, Okotoks, Strathmore.

 Recommended book reading:


Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon Morell and Mary G. Enig, PhD.

Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes

The Vegetarian Myth – Lierre Keith

Real Food – Nina Planck



Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon Morell (scratch recipes and food production history)

Grassfed Gourmet – Shannon Hayes (cooking grassfed meats)


*contact Marleen or Michelle for an extensive list, or the online WAPF Thumbs Up/Down Book Reviews.


Recommended web sites – recipes, e-news, e-courses:

(Traditional = fearless use of butter, eggs, organ meats and other foods humans evolved on…)


www.westonaprice.org(science-based nutrition, traditional foods)

www.nourishedkitchen.com(traditional foods)

www.nourishinggourmet.com(traditional foods on a budget)

www.elanaspantry.com(gluten free)

www.organicthrifty.com (traditional foods on a budget)

www.cheeseslave.com (traditional food)

www.kellythekitchenkop.com(traditional food)

www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com (traditional food, living and more)

www.chefshanekelly.com(nutrient-dense food preparation)

www.foodrenegade.com(traditional food)

www.theslowcook.com (traditional food)(Ed Bruske & Co.)

www.tribeoffive.com (traditional food)

www.passionatehomemaking.com (Christian-based natural living)

http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com(Stephan Guyenet)

http://freetheanimal.com(Richard Nikoley)

http://www.proteinpower.com(Dr Eades)

http://blog.cholesterol-and-health.com(Chris Masterjohn)


*contact Marleen or Michelle for an extensive list.  No endorsement, simply options.



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