Sustainability Committee Gets Thumbs Up from Town Council

RMSC IntroductionThe Redwood Meadows Sustainability Committee (RMSC) is now an official branch of town council. The committee, made up of a group of local citizens, sought and was granted council approval at the January 20 council meeting. The following outlines some of the key features of the new committee.

The purpose of the RMSC is to partner with council and community members to:

  • Provide creative hands-on support in decision-making.
  • Offer education and tools.
  • Research sustainability opportunities for the community.
  • Promote stewardship locally, and as members of a global community.

Projects we are currently working on:

  • Promoting wildlife awareness through the BearSmart program.
  • Promoting local trading and commerce.
  • Building awareness through community events.
  • Researching and implementing a sustainable waste management program.
  • Supporting sustainability discussion and decision-making as part of ongoing and future Redwood Meadows community development.
  • Pursuing and planning for Redwood Meadows to acquire “Green Neighbourhood” certification from the International Audubon Society.

The RMSC has already taken action on a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Setting up a Freecycle Network for the communities of Redwood Meadows and Bragg Creek.
  • Planning to establish a waste management subcommittee.
  • Partnering with the Redwood Meadows Golf Course to groom winter cross-country ski trails.
  • Adding a “sustainability” page to the new Redwood Meadows website.
  • Planning a March 26th Earth Hour Celebration in conjunction with the RMCA.
  • Planning an Earth Day Celebration on April 22nd to include events, vendors, art workshops, etc.

The RMSC is looking for community members to be advocates for sustainability in our backyard and on a global level. Our vision encompasses a broad range of commitments that include lessening our ecological footprint as individuals and as a community, enhancing social connections and finding ways to live happily and healthfully within the community.

Do you have the skills?  Do you have the passion?  Is there a project or a cause that is dear to your heart? If so, we strongly encourage you to join us in taking an active role in shaping this community.

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