Administrative Fees

Administrative and Permit Fees

Please see the chart below for the applicable fees for permits and administrative requests. Please allow up to 10 business days for the permit fees to be processed and approved.

Fees Amount
Building and Construction *
New Construction  
  Basic Fee $250.00 per unit
Each additional 100sq’ over basic 1200sq’ $10.00
Contractors License Fee $3.00
Architectural Control Fee $100.00
Water Meter Deposit $150.00
Auxiliary Structures(garages and renovations)  
First $10,000 of construction No Charge
Each Additional $10,000 of Construction $25.00
Water rate 0.85 per cubic meter
Sewer Rate $20.00 per month
Service Deposit $200.00 per unit
Flat Rate Water $20.00 per month
Administrative Fees  
Fire Pit Permit $20.00
Accessory Structure Permit $20.00
Tree Cutting Permit $20.00
House/Roof Color Change $20.00
Title or Tax Certificate Retrieval $20.00
Property File Retrieval $30.00 and $1.00 per page for copying


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