Redwood Meadows Has A New Mayor

Dr. Liz Erasmus was selected by council to serve as Mayor of Redwood Meadows at the November 27 council meeting.  Paul Sawler will serve as Deputy Mayor, Kelsey Davis will serve as Treasurer and Dara Lee Snow as Secretary.

Council also decided to review these positions on a yearly basis.

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  1. Donna Cant says:

    Flooding in Redwood North of Sleigh Drive

    I am writing this on behalf of all the residents currentely pumping and or flooding in this area. Though we have heard through hearsay that the town has had both a feasability and enginering studies done and funds to do so, we are concerned as nothing is being acted upon at this time.

    Though we are very aware that the most immediate concern to repair the berms, as resiidents we also know that the Town has been aware of problems in the North end of town for many years and to date has not done any mitigation.

    Being at thel low end of town and with everyone pumping either out to the road or to the back berm all of this water is coming down and settling between the North Berm and the Highway berm and consequently our basements. There are currently at leat 6-7 houses in Manyhorses Place and Manyhorse Rise with anywhere from 3 – 12 inches of water sitting in our basements. We curreenly have 6 pumps runniing full time and the water is not receiding. The furnances are down and our toilets will not flush properly.

    I am disappointed that the town was not proactive in this area and did not have someone go to the houses that are pumping and see how they were doing, if they had flooding yet and if they needed help. It was not unitil I addressed the town today that they started at looking at a possible solutiion.

    The fact that some of us do not have proper utilitilies at this time should make this an emerrgency situation and the Town needs to help us. I understand that an email is currently out to council to get a voite on what to do, but I need to stress that this cannot be delayed and must be dealt with immediatly.

    I also understand that the pumpu they are looking at is in need of repair or replacement and as this may take some time to complete, I am suggesting that a gas pump such as is currently being used on the North Berm should be rented and put into action immediately.

    I also think that the Town needs to adivise the rest of the residents of what is being done, as many of us feel that there is a lack of communication and thus that our issues are being ignored,


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