Redwood Meadows buys new pumper truck for Fire Department

Redwood Meadows Pumper Truck

Our New Pumper Truck!

Redwood Meadows Town Council has approved the purchase of a new pumper truck for the Redwood Meadows Fire Department. It will arrive from Florida, after being retrofitted, in March of this year. Deputy Fire Chief Rob Evans says the old pumper truck was worn out and it was time for a new one, “This new truck will never replace good fire prevention measures, but it will bring a big punch to the table when we respond to fires. It will also transport our firefighters to the scene more safely.”
Mayor John Welsh says the motion for the truck was passed unanimously by Council, “A properly equipped fire department is essential for public safety in a relatively isolated community like Redwood Meadows. It also supports the safety of our neighbours and partners – The Tsuu T’ina Nation, Rockyview County, and Kananaskis Improvement District.”

The cost of the fire truck is $280,000.

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