High Speed Internet

axia sign upWe need your help to get High Speed Fiber Internet to Redwood Meadows in 2018 !!

Redwood Meadows has the opportunity to obtain world-class, gigabit Internet, a remarkable fiber optic network providing reliable, high-speed connectivity to every home in Redwood Meadows.   Don’t miss your chance. Please open the entire post for more information on how to sign up.

, click here >> to get more details about the high speed internet and our FAQ page.

Lightning speed of 1 Gigabit (1000 MBPS) will make Redwood Meadows a more attractive place to live.
The possibilities for use are endless; Streaming, TV, Home Business, Gaming, Online Education, Security, Phone, Internet of Things.

1GB is more than 100 times the speed most of us have today, and is an excellent investment in your home and our community’s future.

We have managed a deal with a local Alberta company called AXIA where they will install the fiber network, at their cost, including connections and equipment to every Redwood home in 2018. To make this happen we need the majority of Redwood Meadows homes to proactively sign up by Dec 31.

Please sign up Now to show your commitment to this exciting program! Note that on signup, you will be asked to provide your credit card. Please be assured that there will be no charges until the service is live and active. It’s simply a show of commitment.

 An information session will be held December 18th at 7pm at Redwood House with representation from AXIA in attendance. Read more on our FAQ page

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