Volunteer Profiles

  Ann Sullivan – Chatter-in-the-Woods Newsletter Editor

I have lived in Redwood Meadows with my husband, Erik Anderson, and two children since December 2005. We love it out here for the great friends and neighbours, the deer wandering through our back yard, and the skiing and biking close by. I also love my 8-minute walking commute to Redwood House to teach fitness classes. The only “traffic” that slows me down is the neighbours I stop to chat with along the way.

I’ve been co-editing and writing for Redwood’s newsletter, the Chatter, since 2007 and am also a member of the Redwood Meadows Community Association and the Redwood Meadows Sustainability Committee, which started in January 2011.

As fellow members know, I’m not really a meeting person, so how I ended up on two committees is beyond me. I guess it’s because I want to be involved in the community and these groups allow that. I love to know what’s going on locally and help out where I can. My family and I have volunteered at brunches and Canada Day events, fundraising bingos, and whatever else requires people power.

That being said, I didn’t really want to write this profile since I can think of so many other people who contribute much more to this community. Without them, without all that energy, Redwood Meadows wouldn’t be the great neighbourhood it is.

Flora Giesbrecht – Sustainable Redwood

I have lived in Redwood Meadows with my husband Mark, and two children, since August 2011 .  We haven’t lived here very long, but it feels like we have known the community all of our lives. So many kindred spirits collect in Redwood.  From what we have experienced, this is an active community of friendly, giving, supportive, creative, welcoming, fun, family oriented people who appreciate and value the good things in life.  Redwood truly has so much to offer, the numerous events co-ordinated by volunteers and Redwood Meadows varied array of fantastic programs.  These events and programs occur, thanks to our volunteers,  the nature at our back and front doors, the Redwood House, the Rec grounds, the local trails and of course the rink and skateboard park.

So far I have spent my volunteer time in the community on the Redwood Meadows Sustainability Committee and co-ordinating the cross country ski trails and some gratis cross country ski lessons. My family also enjoyed lending a hand at the Hallowe’en Brunch and the Canada Day festivities.

Yes I volunteer here in Redwood, but there really are so many people who contribute to this community.  Most of them are so busy with their regular lives and volunteering, that they don’t have time to write a profile on the website 😉


carmenCarmen Ryan –

A few years ago, around the time her third daughter was born, Carmen Ryan and her husband Dave, took a big blind leap.  They quit their jobs, packed up their lives, and moved to Redwood Meadows, opening a law firm in Bragg Creek.  They named their firm something quite  appropriate for such risk-takers – Maverick Law.

Where she landed, Carmen says, has been well worth the jump.  “It really has been the very best choice,” she says.  Her daughters, Sawyer, Hunter, and Oakley,seem to agree.  You can find them running around activities put on by the RMCA, and Carmen says that’s the key reason she has volunteeres. “There are so many great activities for young kids.  I love the community and I love the events they put on, and I wanted to give back.

When she’s not volunteering, working at Maverick Law, or hanging out with her family, you may catch Carmen jogging along the berm.  She also enjoys hiking and camping.  But, the outdoor beauty isn’t the main draw for her here.  “It’s the sense of community I love, versus Calgary, where you just don’t feel that,” she says, adding, “We looked all around for somewhere to move.  I’m glad we chose here.”