Members and Contacts


The Redwood Meadows Community Association (RMCA) is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers from the community who’s goal is to make Redwood Meadows a fun place to live.

The group meets onceof the month to plan events and discuss issues that affect the community. The meetings are always open to anyone from Redwood who would like to sit-in and express their ideas and/or concerns. The RMCA is responsible for organizing a variety of special events for all ages as well as coordinating the sports programs and the summer camps.

If you are interested in joining the Association or volunteering for events please attend one of our meetings, contact one of the members or

President: Cathrine Watson


 Vice President:Carmen Ryan


Secretary: Stephanie Kilbride


Treasurer: Jesse Macht



Rebecca Larocque

Dave Rupert

Laura Johansen

Bobbi Fergstad

Renate van der Zande



Programs and Facility:  Renate van der Zande

The E-Chatter in the Woods: Ann Sullivan, Deb Kennedy