BearSmart and Dog Wise



With the arrival of spring and the waking of hibernating bears residents are reminded of a couple of housekeeping/yard keeping activities.


Council would like to remind residents that we are now designated a Wildsmart Community and receive provincial funding to be considered compliant. This includes having our pets under control, not having our garbage out the night before pick up, not having bird feeders out from April-November, and helping to keep fruit from trees from remaining on your property. The funding from this is substantial and affects areas of our operational budget for infrastructure and community enhancement. Irresponsible behaviors put not only our funding dollars and wildlife at risk but also increases the risk to children and small pets.


Unfortunately the spring melt is revealing how some owners of pets unfortunately are not being courteous, respectful or lawful in our community. There is a community bylaw that states that your dog must be under control at all times, and also prohibits homeowners from allowing their dog to use public or other peoples private property to relieve themselves. We are not an off leash park along our roadways  or on the berm, and dog owners are responsible at ALL times for ensuring this.


The Townsite will begin using various methods to ensure compliance including the use of cameras and fines. Residents are also strongly encouraged to report offending dog owners, feeding of wildlife, and bad behaviors that attract dangerous wildlife the Townsite office and will have our support in changing bad behaviors.


Residents are reminded to pick up after your dog, not let them relieve themselves on others private property, keep your dog under control at all times, have your dog registered with the Townsite and above all be responsible and respectful to all.


The Townsite will be communicating to all residents the changes to our enforcement strategies and registration of pets in the coming weeks.