2020-1 Council Code of Conduct Bylaw

Please find below the link for the 2020-1 Council Code of Conduct Bylaw. This bylaw will go through it’s 1st reading at the February 4, 202 Council meeting.


3rd reading for the 2003-02 Emergency Management Agency Bylaw.

The Emergency Management Agency bylaw has completed the first and the second reading at the January 7, 2020 Council meeting. Third reading will be at the January 21st Council meeting.

January 2020 Rink Schedule


Eastlink Open House

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You’re invited to an Open House event on Friday, December 13th at
Town Site Hall (Wolf Willow Room), 1 Manyhorses Dr. in Redwood Meadows starting at 6:30pm.

Please join us to learn more about our service offerings. Stop by and enjoy some hot chocolate and refreshments on us and chat with our friendly team.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact
Krystina Richards at 780-533-3002.

We look forward to meeting you on Friday!

New Alberta Assessor Notification/New Chief Administrative-Officer Bylaw

Of Note: Both Bylaws have passed through three readings and are now signed.



Mage Networks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please see below for Mage Networks FAQ’s. The link will take you to a PDF document.


Redwood Meadows – Townsite Internet Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Town Interested in improving internet access in Redwood Meadows?

In 2016 the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) declared internet an essential service that is “necessary to the quality of life.” They say all Canadians are entitled to receive this “basic telecommunications service”. Further, the CRTC recommend putting significant resources into achieving this goal.

In Redwood Meadows, there are homes with limited or no internet access.

Those of us who do have access are having to cope with an unreliable and underperforming service.

If you would like to see what the real speed of your internet is, check out the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) Broadband Measurement Project at: crtc.gc.ca/eng/internet/proj.htm

What is the Internet proposal?

The solution has two main components. We will construct a new path for Internet to enter Redwood Meadows and a new Internet distribution system within the town.

First, a fibre optic connection will be constructed from Bragg Creek to the town. This Digital Roadway will be owned by the Townsite and will be the foundation for a high-quality service roadway (think many lane highway).

Having a public Digital Roadway will remove barriers for companies that want to offer services in Redwood Meadows and will promote competition. When competition increases, quality improves.

Mage Networks will facilitate the construction of our Digital Roadway and we will give them the right to use it.

Mage Networks will then invest 100% of the funds needed to build a state-of-the-art community wide Internet distribution system and will offer Internet service to any resident that wants to signup.

How is this proposed Internet solution better than what we have?

We will own and control a high quality, 10 Gb per second Digital roadway that will ensure Redwood Meadows becomes and remains a competitive market for Internet Service Providers.

This proposal will include the capability for every home to access to fast, reliable Internet and we get WiFi in Curtis Field.

all with no ground disturbance in the Townsite

installed in a short timeframe at a fraction of previous projects.

Who is Mage Networks and why are they a fit for Redwood Meadows?

Mage Networks is a growing, Calgary based technology company that specializes in enabling Internet connectivity in places that would otherwise be impractical.

Mage Networks is the perfect fit for Redwood meadows. They are big enough to provide us with the service and support we need and small enough to care about our business.

Unlike previous companies, Mage Networks willing to be transparent with Townsite. They are sharing their progress every step of the way. We get to see the details, like Engineering reports.

The technology solution that Mage Networks has designed for Redwood Meadows requires no digging in the Townsite. This avoids our high-water tables and river rock.

Mage Networks is so confident in their solution that they are contractually guaranteeing their performance!

How much is this going to cost?

The Digital Roadway is going to cost $827,100 over five years.

The Townsite will pay Mage Networks $90,000 upfront from a grant. The remainder will be paid by collecting $35 per month from each homeowner in Redwood for five years.

The Internet services offered by Mage Networks will start at $75 per month. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

For the average resident, the total cost will be $110 per month. This small increase over today’s rates would enable faster, more reliable internet.

After the five-year term, the Townsite would have the Digital Roadway paid off and we would stop paying the $35 monthly fee.

When will we start paying?

The agreement with Mage Networks requires Mage to get 60% (210 homes) community support and to complete engineering work prior to the Townsite making any payments.

Subscriber’s of Mage Networks’ Internet would start paying once internet access is installed in their home. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

What is the equipment cost per home?

Mage Networks will invest 100% of the funds required to build the wireless Internet distribution system.

The connection charge for Mage Network’s basic installation is $49. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

Is Mage Networks’ equipment going to be more reliable then my satellite?

Mage Networks is building a robust, modern, and local mesh network. Unlike your satellite-based service that relies on communicating with a single satellite that is more than 30,000 Km away, Mage Networks is building a series of network nodes that are within 250 meters of your home. When you use the internet, their technology will find the best path that is available at that time. It will route around obstacles and even find a way to avoid your neighbour’s kid when he’s trying to hog all the bandwidth. See mage-networks.com for more details.

Who is the supplier on the fibre from Bragg Creek?

Telus and the SuperNet (Bell) are the primary suppliers in Bragg Creek. Currently, Mage Networks is working with an Internet broker to negotiate the best contract.

How will Mage Networks build a wireless network in an area that has so many trees?

Mage Networks is building a series of network nodes. Where possible, these nodes will be placed in strategic positions to avoid obstacles.

Because these radios are traditionally designed to transmit tens of kilometres And Mage Networks is spacing them approximately 250 meters apart, they can easily transmit through trees when needed.

The design of the wireless distribution system allows for each house to have access to multiple network nodes. When you use the internet, the Mage Networks technology will find the best path that is available at that time. See mage-networks.com for more details.

What if it doesn’t work?

Mage Networks has agreed to provide the Townsite with a performance guarantee. In the unlikely event that they are unable to live up to this guarantee, the Townsite has contractual options to withhold payment, buyout the Wireless Distribution System at a discount, or find an alternative Internet Service Provider to offer service through our Digital Roadway.

What if my house has a poor connection?

Unlike traditional cable-based solutions, fixing a area with a poor signal is quite simple. There is no digging required. Mage Networks would simply install another node and extend the network coverage.

What frequency are you using?

The radios use the 5Ghz bandwidth.

Where else is this solution being used?

Mage Networks has successfully tested their technology in Waiparous, Alberta. For more details, go to: mage-networks.com/wireless-broadband-installation-in-waiparous

Is this solution fast enough?

There are many factors that affect the quality of your internet experience. One of the primary factors is the amount of bandwidth servicing your community.

The proposed Digital Roadway will support 10Gb or 10240 Mb per second! That’s enough for every home in Redwood to simultaneously watch high definition Netflix on six TVs!

What happens if I move after I signup for the five-year contract?

Mage Networks has agreed to waive the cancellation fee for anyone moving out of the community. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

What about phone and TV?

Once you have a stable, high quality, internet connection, there are many options for TV and phone.

Netflix, Crave TV, CTV, and NHL.TV are options for TV services.

Ooma is a great home phone option that only costs $4 per month.

Mage Networks is investing the possibility of offering bundles after the Internet solution is fully deployed.

Download speeds are a 100 Mb. what about the upload speed?

The Mage Networks solution provides an unrestricted full duplex 100 Mb connection. This is unlike traditional Internet providers, who limit their upload speed.

How much will overages cost?

Nothing! The service is unlimited. Use as much as you like.

Is a modem required to be installed in each home?

A Mage Networks wireless antenna or node will be installed on the outside of your home. Then an Ethernet cable will go in your home and can be plugged into your in-home WiFi.

For additional charge, Mage Networks will install and maintain their wireless equipment in your home. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

Will this solution make us a WiFi enabled community?

Mage Networks has provided an outdoor WiFi solution to cover Curtis field and the hockey rink. Only in this area will you be able to connect wirelessly. In your home, you can connect the Mage Network service to your Wi-Fi router.

Is there a limit to the number of computers per household?

No, you can use as many as you like. Your service will include a single Ethernet cable that can be extended by connecting it to a wireless router.

What is the Mesh WiFi option on the ConnectRedwood.com site and do I need it?

Mesh WiFi is not a requirement.

If you have a WiFi router, other then the one Eastlink provided, you simply unplug the cable coming from the Eastlink modem and plug in the cable from Mage Networks.

If you don’t have a WiFi router, you can buy one at Bestbuy or Staples. They start at about $75. If you go this route, you set it up and plug in the cable from Mage Networks.

In Redwood Meadows, many houses are too big to be covered by a single WiFi router. This really has nothing to do with Mage Networks and would be a problem regardless of who you buy Internet services from.

If you have a large home, getting full WiFi coverage can get a bit involved. Depending on the layout of your house and your technical savvy, you may want to hire a technician.

With the optional WiFi Mesh options, Mage Networks is offering to install and maintain their enterprise grade WiFi equipment in your home. This way, you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, this extra service comes with a fee. Please see ConnectRedwood.com for more details and to signup.

When should I signup?

Now is the best time to signup. We need the support of 60% of residents to make this project a reality.

Go to ConnectRedwood.com to signup now.

Lease FAQ’S

FAQs for Lease Oct 2019 v11

Redwood Meadows AGM 2019





BearSmart and Dog Wise



With the arrival of spring and the waking of hibernating bears residents are reminded of a couple of housekeeping/yard keeping activities.


Council would like to remind residents that we are now designated a Wildsmart Community and receive provincial funding to be considered compliant. This includes having our pets under control, not having our garbage out the night before pick up, not having bird feeders out from April-November, and helping to keep fruit from trees from remaining on your property. The funding from this is substantial and affects areas of our operational budget for infrastructure and community enhancement. Irresponsible behaviors put not only our funding dollars and wildlife at risk but also increases the risk to children and small pets.


Unfortunately the spring melt is revealing how some owners of pets unfortunately are not being courteous, respectful or lawful in our community. There is a community bylaw that states that your dog must be under control at all times, and also prohibits homeowners from allowing their dog to use public or other peoples private property to relieve themselves. We are not an off leash park along our roadways  or on the berm, and dog owners are responsible at ALL times for ensuring this.


The Townsite will begin using various methods to ensure compliance including the use of cameras and fines. Residents are also strongly encouraged to report offending dog owners, feeding of wildlife, and bad behaviors that attract dangerous wildlife the Townsite office and will have our support in changing bad behaviors.


Residents are reminded to pick up after your dog, not let them relieve themselves on others private property, keep your dog under control at all times, have your dog registered with the Townsite and above all be responsible and respectful to all.


The Townsite will be communicating to all residents the changes to our enforcement strategies and registration of pets in the coming weeks.


Spring Sports Registration Now Open

Thank you to those who have already registered for soccer and t-ball! What a great season we have to look forward to. 




Spring Sports is brought to you 100% by volunteers. We hope that if you are able to you (and maybe that teenager in your home) will consider volunteering to Coach or Assistant Coach.  Coaching Clinic and materials will be provided! Use code CommittedCoach19 at checkout. 


Have a great weekend