The Frequently asked Questions page is set up to help answer some of your questions. If you have a concern that is not covered on this page, please contact Redwood House.

Q: Are there bylaws I have to abide by in the community?

A: Yes there are. Rules and regulations have to be put in place to protect the majority from the minority. Redwood Meadows has a number of Bylaws including Animal Control, Traffic and Nuisance. Copies can be obtained from the Townsite office. Our toughest bylaw to get in place but our most prized is the Traffic Bylaw, allowing us to enforce the 30km speed limit within the townsite and help keep the streets safe for you, your children and your pets. Please drive the speed limit.

Q: How is the townsite governed?

A: 6 councillors and a mayor govern the community. All are “elected” according to Alberta Provincial Laws. Please feel free to contact the Townsite for more Information.

Q: Is there a Community Association in Redwood Meadows?


Yes, RMCA is a very active and committed group of residents. The Community Association holds many events through the year to help with fund raising and help connect the resident together. Some of their biggest events are Canada Day, New Years pot luck and fireworks, Photo with Santa and a very popular Christmas Craft Market in November. If you would like to join the RMCA team please contact the office 403-949-3563 or email  programs@redwoodmeadows.ab.ca . RMCA meet 6 times a year at Redwood House.

Q: Who do I call in an emergency?

A: Always call 911 in an emergency. Redwood Meadows Emergency Services is manned 100% by the some of the most dedicated volunteers in the area. They provide fire protection and emergency medical services, and are dispatched by pager. Do not go to the firehall in an emergency,  as there may not be anyone there. The department consists of approximately 35 members who live in Redwood Meadows, Bragg Creek, and surrounding area.

Q: I want to change the external colour of my home, do I need approval?

A: Yes. In order to keep a consistent “country appearance” in Redwood Meadows there are strict architectural controls which include colours for the outside of buildings, including trim and doors. Materials are also restricted and a complete copy of the requirements can be picked up at Townsite office, Redwood House.

Q: I heard I have to get approval to cut down a tree, why is this?

A: Only trees of less than 6″ in trunk diameter can be cut down without permission. The purpose is to maintain as many trees as possible within the community.  NOTE: Architectural controls are a component of the lease agreement with Sarcee Developments and are mandatory.

Q: How can I find out more about all of the groups active within the Townsite?

A: Contact the Townsite office 403-949-3563 and our staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and help put you get in contact with the group you are looking for.

Q: Do dog need a license in Redwood Meadows? and is there a leash by-law?

A: Dogs need a license and the cost is $20 a year, come to the townsite office to fill out the information and pick up a tag. Redwood Meadows has a dog under control by-law, have a leash with you to help control your dog. Please clean up after you dog.